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Our experience at the Baierl Used Car Center was u ... Our experience at the Baierl Used Car Center was unexpectedly enjoyable. We hadn't planned on acquiring another vehicle so I wasn't very happy. But my outstanding 2003 Honda Civic just wore out. Our daughter told us about a used Pontiac at Baierl Cadillac. We went to the Cadillac facility but found that the car was actually at the former Cadillac location which is now the Used Car Center. A gentleman at the Cadillac dealership kindly offered to call to ensure the Pontiac was still there. He was told it was. We arrived at the Baierl Used Car Center and found Uncle Leo Parks waiting at the door for us. He was upset because the Pontiac had been sold over the weekend but the system hadn't been updated. He couldn't apologize enough. Uncle Leo said he had another car in the same price range if we were interested. We were! It was a beautiful 2011 Honda Accord. It looked brand new inside and out. Uncle Leo told us everything we needed to know about the car and we drove it home. We love it!! Thanks to Uncle Leo for his knowledge and the suggestions (extra warranty, exterior coating) he made to us. We're retired and probably won't be car shopping again any time soon but if we are we'll look Uncle Leo up. We know we will receive honest and accurate information from him. The fact that he is so friendly doesn't hurt either! If we know of anyone looking for a used car we will definitely send them to Uncle Leo Parks.
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